What Is TA-65

What is TA-65 and Why Should You Care?

All of us are aware of the fact that the onset of old age carries with itself health problems like weakness, fatigue, heart disease, diabetes, poor eyesight, fatigued muscles, loss of functionality of the senses, regular attacks of varied illnesses, joint pains and decreased sexual drive and a host of other ‘age related’ symptoms. No wonder then, the process of aging is dreaded by all. Quite understandably then, it is in a bid to evade the process of growing old and the gory symptoms attached to it that that those who fear it nearing resort to even the harshest of medications and practices that claim to help them cheat aging. Harsh prescription drugs, complex surgical procedures, endless clinical and hospital visits are all done in an attempt to prevent aging.

The scenario discussed above is indeed quite depressing and can drive most to find alternative treatments that are not tried and tested to preserve their health and well being. That is why understanding what TA-65 is, is essential.

TA-65 a synthetic supplement for telomere that comes from the Chinese herb astragalus. Telomere is an enzyme that can help men maintain their quality of life as they age. TA-65 can help reduce the risk for disease and maybe even extending a mans life span.

Without getting overly technical telomeres are a natural enzyme that protect your genes or DNA. As your cell divides telomeres shorten. Cell division is the aging process and is how we age. Using TA-65 can lengthen the telomere in men and slow down cellular aging process thus the aging process in overall.

Aging cannot be reversed but it can be slowed down when you have the proper tools which included, knowledge, diet, exercise and team of medical professionals who are on the cutting edge of anti-aging medicine like Dr. Life.

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