The Life Plan Diet Foods

10 of the Best Life Plan Diet Foods Ever!

Dr. Life’s popular age management program gives a lot of importance to the role that diet and nutrition play in ensuring optimal health and well being in all phases of one’s life. Here is an informative list of 10 evergreen Life Plan diet foods that are recommended for dieters at all levels under the Life Plan diet for better health and longevity:

1. Avocados: These are excellent for bodybuilding. In addition, avocados aid in regulating bodily cholesterol levels, thereby cutting down the risk of heart related diseases.

2. Chicken/Turkey Breasts: Skinless turkey breasts are an excellent source of lean protein and aid in warding off age induced heart disease and cancers.

3. Low Fat Yogurt and Dairy Cheese: consumption of low fat yogurt increase life spans of individuals through boosting immunity. Likewise, cheese aids in protein build-up while reducing body fat.

4. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits: These make for the best Life Plan diet foods as they contain a host of essential nutrients, vitamins, fibers and minerals for the body.

5. Fresh/Flash Frozen Fish: Fish (never canned or pouched) are rich in cholesterol busting Omega 3 Fatty acids. Consuming fish cuts down the risk of prostrate cancer, strokes, heart attacks and old age induced mental decline.

6. Olive/ Canola Oil: These are healthy options and contain Vitamins K, E and A, in addition to being rich in squalene, polyphenols and other essential micronutrients.

7. High Fiber Cereal & Whole Grain Breads

8. Skim/Soy Milk: It contains vegetable proteins and is sans lactose. Also, it is rich in isoflavones. Soy milk even reduces bodily cholesterol, thereby cutting down the risk of several deadly diseases.

9. Omega3 Eggs: Omega 3 eggs go a long way in reducing the risk of deadly diseases like heart attacks and arteriosclerosis, cancers, arthritis, diabetes and high BP. The egg whites also supply muscle building protein to the body.

10. Yams.

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