The Life Plan Better Sex

Life Plan Better Sex!

The Life Plan Diet for better sex suggests that you should ideally indulge in sexual acts three times a week. If you are not able to do so you may not be physically fit. As per studies, the highest heart rate per minute of an individual having sex was recorded as 127, which is quite high for a non athletic individual. At the same time, your erection is a clear indicator of your sexual health. Once again, studies show that 34% of all males aged between 30 and 70 years are known to suffer from erectile dysfunction. The Life Plan Diet can help you achieve better sex if you indulge in certain specific exercises to improve your sexual performance in bed:

Balance: In order to improve your sexual functionality, you need to ensure that your body is always kept flexible. To improve your flexibility, you need to indulge in stretching exercises. Pulling, pushing as well as swinging actions are apt for ensuring that you balance your body perfectly. In order to improve your sexual performance, you need to move your body in all directions freely and have full range of motion.

Resistance Training Exercises: The Life Plan for better sex suggests that you indulge in strength training exercises such as squats, dead lifts and bench press. These specific exercises will increase the production of testosterone in human beings. Testosterone is undoubtedly the key hormone which is responsible for improving your sexual health.

Cardiovascular Training: If you are able to indulge in cardio exercises at the rate of 85% of your maximum training capacity, you can easily avoid impotency. By doing cardiovascular exercises, you increase your heart strength and stamina as well as increasing your emotional state. As your self confidence improves and you achieve mental clarity, you can perform better in bed.

By following the above mentioned Life Plan better sex practices, you can easily improve your sexual performance and stamina by a huge margin.

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  2. exercise is really necessary for the maintennance of our body. cardio and strength training are great.`

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