Male Menopause

Have you ever heard of the word ‘andropause’? Do you know that you could be going through it right now and not know about it? Andropause can be best described as the menopause for men. Though it hasn’t yet been recognized as an international disease state, most men go through it due to declining levels of hormones when they experience symptoms similar to menopause-depression, fatigue, decreased bone density levels, low libido etc.

The famous Dr. Life in his book-The Life Plan, establishes a strong link between aging and hormones. In the Life Plan-hormones is an integral part of the process towards achieving a long and healthy life. It refuses to take declining hormones as an acceptable change that comes along with aging and so should anyone who is nearing the 60 year mark.

Declining levels of hormones are the cause for many problems that one learns to disregard with age. These problems are declining muscle mass, depression, sluggishness, decreasing sexual functions etc. Testosterone in men is one hormone whose deficiency can actually cause increased mortality and a myriad of other problems. The good news however is that these problems can be easily solved by becoming more aware about the newer treatments and taking control of your life and health. Dr. Life talks about his own experience in The Life Plan, hormone deficiency- and how he corrected it by with the right diet supplements and exercise.

The Life Plan acts as a guide taking its readers through various therapies, diets, exercises and lifestyle changes that can help correct hormone levels naturally as well as through more complicated methods. It makes the readers more aware of the various symptoms and signs and helps them pick out the right type of treatment for themselves. For The Life Plan-hormones are something that are taken seriously and can easily increase or decrease your life. What they do, is something that you can control and The Life Plan teaches you exactly how to.

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  1. You must know by now, your piece about exercise goes to the core of the issue. Leaves me wanting to know more. Just so you know, i will grab your feed

  2. Im planning on doing the hcG diet for the next 10 days, and I was just wondering if anybody knew the maximum amount of weight I would lose? Im planning on going to North Carolina next week and I’m going to the beach so I need to lose a few pounds.

  3. Right here is an helpful video that discusses several of the very best ingredients to make use of as remedies for menopause. Contents which contribute to flushes consist of Tea, Coffee, Liquor and also Dark chocolate so prevent these. Likewise Carbonated drinks as well as sweet foods avoid the body absorbing this mineral uits and noodles and also rice are the sorts of things which will definitely assist.

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