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LA Boxing Classes – Learn How to Box and Get Fit!


LA Boxing classes are an experience I never thought I’d try, but after my first boxing lesson, I’m hooked. My usual exercise routine consists of 4 to 5 days a week going to the gym and alternating 1 hour on the elliptical machine, treadmill and stairmaster. Then for at least 30 minutes, I hit the weight machines followed by a full sauna session. I have come to lovingly refer to this workout regimen as my “rinse and repeat workout” because it has become so engrained, I perform it without thought just as I shampoo my hair. It’s effortless, predictable… and boring. Luckily, I discovered an alternative that I really love: LA Boxing classes.

For those of you who are bored with the typical gym workout, I would recommend considering LA Boxing classes and here’s why:

Last year, I put on more than a few pounds over the holidays so I immediately kicked up my workout. After several weeks of “rinse and repeat” sessions at my local 24 Hour Fitness gym, the pounds were slooooowly coming off but it was almost painful getting through my workout because it was so dull. I decided I wanted to try something different; something that would beat the bore factor, challenge me and above all, build a skill set that I can use for long term health and fitness benefits. I started by looking up nearby fitness options using yelp and groupon and the reviews for LA Boxing classes intrigued me. The next day, I went into an Orange County LA Boxing location, met with Luis who answered my 50 million questions and then arranged a free boxing lesson with pro boxer and trainer, Julian (Julez.) 30 Minutes later, I knew I wanted to take another boxing class… and then another, and another…. I have never experienced a workout like this- I was too focused on technique to even realize I was exercising and a short, 30 minutes lesson was so intense, I was seriously sore for 4 days. On Day #2, I was actually taking the stairs one by one; my grandmother could have passed me.

So what really sold me on LA Boxing’s classes? Well, reason #1, I wanted to go FAR out of my comfort zone to build up that confidence. Reason #2, I can burn 700 calories in a 30 minute boxing class- wow! Reason #3, it’s fun & doesn’t even feel like exercise. Reason #4, have you ever seen the ass on a professional female boxer? Enough said. I went in again on day #3, limping (yes, really limping) to buy a package of lessons from Luis. This is one of those rare times when you drop a chunk of money at a gym and know you won’t regret it.

For those of you that are lucky enough to have an LA Boxing location nearby and are curious about taking boxing classes, here are my observations to help you decide if this gym is right for you:

LA Boxing & Kickboxing Classes
The classes are unlike any I have seen before- there’s a set of moves the instructor establishes but everyone goes at their own pace and performs the moves at different times. You know those cardio classes where you see rows of beautiful bodies moving in perfect unison while the instructor pep talks from the front? Ya, this isn’t like that at all- LA Boxing classes are chaotic to say the least; they’re unsynchronized, high energy and more like semi-private training sessions. You do the moves as you can- punch a bag, practice your kicks, run the rope, etc- and the instructor steps in to help if/when you need. The best part of this kind of class? NO ONE has to feel like the uncoordinated oddball hiding in the back!

How much does LA Boxing Cost? LA Boxing Price ranges:
Since I’m also a full time traveler blogger and rarely know where I’ll be from week to week, I signed up for the $89 monthly gym option and then also bought a package of personal training sessions. LA Boxing initial costs came to about $480+ which included gym access, unlimited boxing and kickboxing classes, 3 personal training sessions and boxing gloves & wraps. Additional personal training was more- Luis (at LA Boxing in Orange County) offered me a promotion package of 10 private boxing lessons for about $370 (About 50% off.) They also have a promotion for those who choose to prepay their boxing membership in advance which costs about $40 a month (approx half the price of month to month membership.) Freezing membership is an option for us heavy travelers or if you should ever need to take a break from your boxing classes. If you want to try it for a month or two before committing to full pre-payment, LA Boxing will put all initial costs toward a long term option when you are ready- can’t beat that!

After talking to a few of my hCG Diet Info readers, there were two common concerns when considering LA Boxing classes:
1st, a lot of people felt the $89 monthly costs were steep for a gym membership. Hey- you wouldn’t compare the expense of piano lessons to your monthly gym fees right? Come on now, that’s just silly. Well, same differences apply here; at a gym like 24 Hour Fitness, you’re basically paying for equipment rental. At a gym like LA Boxing, you’re paying for equipment rental AND to learn an entirely new skill set. It’s next level gym-ing people- of course it’s going to cost more! I say, your workout is what you pay for: plain n’ mundane may be cheaper but learning the skills that build the ass of a boxer are priceless… and well, that’s just worth every penny.

2nd; there was concern about feeling out of place physically and for other reasons. Hey, I’ve been there- I was once that seriously overweight girl that couldn’t bare the thought of attending a yoga class surrounded by a bunch of supermodels- ugh, few things can be harder on the ego than feeling like everyone in the room knows you’re the heaviest person in the class & you can’t even touch your own toes. (I’m over that now by the way- I will squeeze my post-holiday ass into my too-tight yoga pants and get right in the front row of class knowing I’m there for a reason and that’s to feel good!) For those of you who are worried about “not fitting in” for your first LA boxing class, I can confidently tell you, this is where everyone fits in. In fact, if you asked me which gym feels more “comfortable” and “accepting” between 24 Hour Fitness and LA Boxing, I’d definitely say LA Boxing. This is a smaller gym where everyone is talkative and the staff know your name and are very supportive. Members are both men and women, all age ranges and fitness levels. In one beginners class, I’ve seen a 300 lb man in his 60’s and a fit girl in her early 20’s. There are a lot of very heavy people here, and I’ve met several who are 100 lb losers and still going. If I was 240 lbs overweight (again), moved like an uncoordinated cheerleader (which I sometimes do) and was wearing bright red clown shoes (add to the birthday wishlist), I’d still feel comfortable walking in here and having a boxing lesson, no problem!

I recommend LA Boxing for anyone tired of feeling like a mouse running on a wheel, day after day at the gym. Even if you’re just curious, I say, go in and ask for Luis- if he doesn’t work at your particular LA Boxing location, tell them you want their version of Luis and then rename him. Ask him 50 million questions about the gym, arrange a free signature LA Boxing class, learn how to throw a jab and an undercut in your first boxing lesson… then you’ll know you will never have another boring workout again!

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