The Human Growth Hormone

The Human Growth Hormone aka Somatotropin

Hormones in general have gotten a lot of attention recently because of some recently-discovered effects they can have on the body in supplemental doses. Though everything from sex hormones to metabolic steroids are used to help treat illness and boost body health, one hormone in particular has been getting a lot of press for its effects on helping bodies fight the effects of aging: the human growth hormone.

There are two substances usually referred to as human growth hormone, somatotropin, and somatropin. The former is naturally produced and used by the endocrine system, while the latter is synthesized for prescription use, whether by injection, pill, or spray form. Hormone production tends to peak during puberty, and as bodies age, their production slows dramatically. This can cause loss of muscle tone, fatigue, weight gain, and other unwelcome symptoms which vary greatly from patient to patient. Though these are generally caused by slow changes in the endocrine system, and not illness, there is a growing field of medicine dedicated to helping to improve the quality of life and overall health of the aging populace. Some doctors have begun using somatropin, or even supplements designed to boost the body’s own production of somatotropin, to combat the visible and internal signs of aging.

The effects of supplemental human growth hormone can include increased muscle mass, a reduction of body fat, an increase in bone density, and improved elasticity of the skin, all things that suffer with age. Some doctors have been able to achieve still more remarkable results when using human growth hormone in conjunction with a diet and exercise plan, with patients reporting improved libido, memory, and a boost in energy levels overall- things that, in themselves, can help slow the aging process by encouraging formerly sedentary patients to become active and social again.

Everyone wants to age gracefully, without having to worry about the unwanted physical and mental effects of aging. With the amount of youth-promoting products on the market, human growth hormone is one of the few youth-promoting treatments that work with the body’s own systems to offer definite anti-aging results.

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