Dr. Life’s Diet Supplements

Dr. Life’s diet supplements is all about consuming a nutrient rich diet which ensures that you abstain from gaining fat and maintain a lean and disease free body for the rest of your life. As per Dr. Life’s diet supplement list, protein shakes as well as snack and energy bars are given a prominence over other food items. Protein shakes are preferred simply because they help provide instant energy to the human body and as these are easily digested protein shakes help build muscles at warp speed as well. Likewise, protein bars are highly recommended as these have the ability to ensure that your body is fortified with essential carbohydrates, fats and proteins at warp speed.

Dr. Life’s diet supplements are always promoting lean meat consumption as this helps build your muscle tissue while reducing your overall body fat content. Chicken, soy, egg whites, fish and low fat dairy products are considered really effective in ensuring that your insulin level is balanced. At the same time, you should consume ample quantities of fresh vegetables and wholesome grains. While consuming grains to ensure that your starch content is high, you need to consume steel cut oats and ensure that you try out wholesome grains in your daily diet. You should try and consume brown oats and quinoa.

As per Dr. Life’s diet supplement chart, you need to consume five to six meals daily and the interval between each meal needs to be three to four hours. While preparing these foods, you need to either grill or steam them. You may also add a small amount of oil and stir fry them as well. While preparing vegetables such as spinach and carrots, you need to ensure that you allow essential nutrients to remain within your body. You should therefore try and stew your veggies or prepare them in a microwave oven.

If you include Dr. Life’s diet supplements in your diet, you would remain disease free for the rest of your life.

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