Dr. Lifes Diet Food

Dr Life’s diet food is a simple and effective means of ensuring that you shed those extra calories off your waist at warp speed and gain muscle weight at the same pace. The main aim of Dr. Life’s diet food plan is to inculcate the habit of consuming relatively clean food and avoiding junk as far as possible. These plans are ideally meant to be adhered to as per an individual’s physical fitness. You have the option of changing them as per your bodily requirements.

While there are several kinds of diet foods available under the banner of Dr. Life’s diet food, we would be discussing the benefit of protein shakes. These shakes are rich in protein, carbohydrates and essential fats and are considered essential for helping the body recover after a rigorous exercise cession. Protein shakes are derived from a wide range of essential proteins which include eggs, casein, weigh and soy. Hence, they help in ensuring that your body recovers after a rather strenuous work out cession. Proteins shakes should ideally be consumed once in the morning and once before sleeping.

Before bedtime, you should consume a protein shake which is made from casein. This should be consumed half an hour before you fall asleep. It is considered essential as casein is absorbed rather slowly in your blood stream and it leaves you feeling full throughout the night. The benefit of a protein shake is that it is made from milk and is therefore considered to be relatively easy to digest. It absorbs quickly into the blood stream and is considered to be a superb supplement for those who exercise regularly.

Casein protein is also effective as it digests slowly, is absorbed slowly, is the main protein source in milk and is an excellent before-sleep supplement. In case you are bored of consuming protein shakes, you can always add them in your daily meals, especially in your oatmeal porridge. Once the shake is mixed, the amino acids present in your protein shake are broken. Once this happens, you are able to digest your proteins at a much faster pace.

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