Dr. Life hGH Therapy

Dr. Life – hGH Therapy – A Way to Turn Back Time!

Dr. Jeffry Life a man many probably know as the “seventy two year old man with a body of a twenty year old” is someone who decided to bring about a change in his lifestyle, take a stand and treat his body as it should be treated- like a temple.

This esteemed doctor, who moved his practiced to Cenegenics has dedicated his life to perfecting the process of aging. He strives to make old age a time that can be associated with memories of a healthy life, lived till the very end, unmarked by the trials and tribulations of old age and what is thought of as old age diseases.

In his sensational book “The Life Plan” which is essentially a ‘guide for men and women to great health, better sex and a strong leaner body’, Dr. Life gives us a peak into the controversial yet effective, hGH therapy.

The Human Growth Hormone has always been a controversial treatment that has featured on magazine covers, television shows and even part of a federal investigations. It has a history of being abused by sports men and disregarded by many physicians as an irrelevant and perhaps even a dangerous treatment. However, research shows a different side of the argument. It has been documented, that when rightly used, hGH has improved the health of the clinically deficient men and women.

For Dr. Life, hGH, as someone who has used the therapy himself, has seen remarkable results. In The Life Plan by Dr. Life, hGH has been explained in great detail and it gives its readers all the information they need to decide if this therapy is the one for them not.

In a landmark research done by Dr. Rudman, where he injected 21 men between the ages of 61-81 with Human Growth hormones, they managed to decrease their fat density by 14%, increase their skin thickness by 7% and increase their lean muscle by 8%! With such miraculous results, this therapy is almost known to ‘turn back time’, for those who believe that they don’t have much time left at all.

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  2. Hello I was reading the Dr. Life plan. I live in Miami. Please could you recommend to me a Dr. Here because I think that I am a good candidate for therapy in hormone grow human.
    Please let me know the address or the phone number.

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