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What Do Diet Cleanses Do for Your Health?

What Do Diet Cleanses Do for Your Health?


When discussing diet cleanses, often the first benefit that comes to mind for many people is weight loss. Indeed, you will likely lose weight if you go on cleanse (such as a juice cleanse or a fast) because they are low-calorie and involve consuming healthy, natural foods. However, the real benefit of going on a cleanse is that it removes toxins from your body. It is this detoxification which is actually behind the long-term weight loss that a cleanse can help achieve.


Toxin Detoxification


In our daily lives, we encounter numerous harmful toxins through pollutants and chemical additives in the foods we eat. Our bodies have mechanisms to deal with these toxins, but chronic exposure to toxins can cause our bodies to become overworked. Our immune systems weaken, we feel sluggish, and our metabolisms can slow.


Diet cleanses can help flush out these toxins in numerous ways. Some cleanses involve eating or drinking cleansing foods, such as berry or herbal tonics. Other cleanses involve eating only “clean” foods  order ito stem the flow of toxins coming in, thus allowing the body to focus on getting rid of the toxins that are already there.


Without all of these toxins in your body, your metabolism rate can increase, which means that you will find it easier to lose weight and keep it off, including the weight you lost during the fast. You can also experience benefits like improved mood, clearer skin, and better focus.


Dangers of Cleansing


When considering a diet cleanse, it is important to remember that there are many different types of cleanses.

  • Juice fasts
  • Water-only fasts
  • Master Cleanse
  • Liver detox cleanses
  • Colon cleanses


These cleanses can have benefits, but only if they are performed properly. Doing a cleanse for too long can cause a slew of problems, the main one being nutrient deficiencies. Also, depriving your body of energy (i.e. calories) for a prolonged period can lead to a slowed metabolism. Both of these problems can harm your health, not to mention your weight-loss goals.


Before starting any cleanse, it is important to look at the cleanse as it relates to your lifestyle and overall health goals. If you lead a very active lifestyle, for example, then doing the Master Cleanse could devastate your health.


Post-Cleansing Practices


In order to maintain the detoxification benefits you received during your cleanse, you will need to have a post-cleanse plan. This should involve a healthy diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables and low in processed, refined foods. The good news is that cleanses will typically purge all the refined sugars and chemicals in your body, so you stop feeling cravings for junk food. Since your stomach may have shrunk in size during the cleanse as well, it also probably won’t take as much food to make you feel full.

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