Anti Aging For Skin

Anti-Aging Products for Every Skin

Almost noone wants to grow old, and even fewer people want to look it. Anti-aging products are a multi-billion dollar industry, comprising supplements, creams, and even doctor-administered treatments like chemical peels, injections, and laser procedures.

The most common suite of anti-aging treatments, by far, is over-the-counter cream or serum. Made of a seemingly unlimited variety of ingredients, these formulas all promise to do different things- exfoliators, for example, remove skin’s dullest uppermost layer to increase the rate of cell turnover and encourage the growth of healthy, younger-looking skin, while still other anti-aging preparations try to provide vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to skin to help it to remain healthy. Most over-the-counter products are generally mild and have few side effects, making them excellent for general use to correct and prevent the signs of aging.

The popularity of anti-aging supplements is also growing every year. Most of these supplements operate on one of two principles- that the skin is an excretory organ, therefore aiding the body’s natural detoxification process will help keep skin from becoming too stressed and aging prematurely, or that providing certain vitamins and minerals necessary to the production of skin proteins will encourage healthier skin. Therefore, it’s very common to see supplements that contain not only the components found in collagen and elastin (like proteins and various forms of copper), but herbs and antioxidants touted to promote overall body health and vitality. Many of these anti-aging products are also generally safe, however it’s best to consult with a physician before beginning any new supplement or dietary regimen.

Dermatologist or aesthetician-administered treatments make up another rapidly growing area of the anti-aging market. Treatments like those containing things like botulinum toxin, more concentrated forms of the ingredients found in many over-the-counter formulas, or even things like microdermabrasion or laser treatments are all generally safe, but must be given by a doctor or other skincare professional. The risk of side-effects is generally somewhat higher with these types of anti-aging procedures, making them unsuitable for use without the guidance of a qualified professional. Since they are stronger, however, their effect is generally more rapid and pronounced than that of over-the-counter products.

While nobody has been able to find a Fountain of Youth yet, there are a number of products that come close. Whether by preventing or correcting things like sun damage, or simply feeding skin the things it needs to stay healthy, anti-aging treatments provide a way for anyone to get old gracefully, without having to look their age.

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