Anti Aging Diet & Foods

The Cornerstones of an Anti-Aging Diet

While youth-promoting supplements and treatments are nice, the cornerstone of any vitality regimen is a good anti-aging diet. Since many other forms of therapy are derived from chemicals found in common foods, increasing your consumption of those same foods in an anti-aging diet is a great way to boost your body’s ability to stay young and strong well into your golden years.

One important component of an anti-aging diet is food that is high in natural antioxidants. Though usually not essential to life like vitamins and minerals, antioxidants are nonetheless essential to maintaining good health. When the body is subject to physical or mental stress from pollution, personal tragedy, or even just a poor diet, free radicals are produced. These chemicals can cause severe damage to the components of cells, including DNA, eventually causing issues like cancer and heart disease, as well as the visible signs of aging. Antioxidants help to neutralize these chemicals, and are thus indispensable to anyone looking to prevent aging through diet. Fatty nuts and seeds like almonds or flax seed are great sources of vitamin E, an essential vitamin as well as an antioxidant, while highly colored vegetables and fruits provide tons of beta carotene, anthocyanidins, and other pigment-based antioxidants. In fact, consuming sufficient levels of beta carotene prior to sun exposure has actually been proven to offer equivalent skin protection as wearing SPF 30 sunscreen!

Another valuable component to an anti-aging diet is far more simplistic than antioxidants, but still often overlooked for its youth-promoting benefits: fiber. Like antioxidants, fiber helps your body eliminate harmful chemicals, but unlike antioxidants, it does so by stimulating your digestive tract and colon to remove waste. Fecal matter contains large amounts of putrefying bacteria, so eliminating it as soon as possible is far more healthful than allowing it to remain in the body. Fiber also has a very interesting effect on cholesterol- one study actually found that taking statins, a commonly-prescribed cholesterol reducing drug, along with oat fiber was as effective at reducing cholesterol as doubling the dosage of the drug! This happens because as fiber exits the body through the colon, it tends to grab on to bile salts in the digestive tract. As the level of bile salts is depleted, the liver breaks down cholesterol to produce more. Therefore, fiber should be a major component of any anti-aging diet, particularly those with an emphasis on cardiac health. Of course, if you are currently taking a statin, you should consult with your personal physician before changing your dosage, even if you do take a fiber supplement.

An anti-aging diet generally contains the same ingredients necessary for good health at any age, making it a fantastic choice for anyone looking to feel and look better than they currently do. By encouraging the body’s own natural means of maintaining good health, anti-aging diets allow you to stay young looking and feeling well into old age, without having to resort to drugs or surgery.

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