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Physical Health Benefits of Music

Research shows, listening to music is good for your health and well-being. Watching while listening… even better!

Physical Health Benefits of Music

1. Motivates people to move more. A study of found that healthy individuals, while riding stationary bicycles, worked harder while listening to fast-paced music. An extra bonus: They also enjoyed the music more than listening to it while not moving.

2. Ease of pain. Music has been proven to greatly reduce the perceived intensity of pain. Not only has music been shown to help with the common headache, but also with cancer and geriatric care patients, intensive care, and those in pain management therapy.

3. Improve workout motivation and performance. Runners have been found to beat their best time by simply listening to high intensity, “pumped up” music. Runners, break out your iPods! Listening to music has been shown to help you run faster, boost workout motivation, and enhance endurance.

Listen to music while you read this blog:

Artist:  Steve Hott
Song:  Here for You
Record:  Here for You

4. Improve post-workout recovery. One research study had individuals listen to upbeat music immediately after a workout, and later, slow music to increase relaxation. Results showed an impressive increase in workout recovery speed!

6. Improve sleep time and quality. Listening to relaxed, slow paced music, such as classical, has been shown to effectively treat insomnia, making it a safe, cheap alternative to sleep-inducing meds.

7. Eat less, naturally. Research has found that playing soft music during a meal naturally results in slowed eating during a meal, consuming less food in one sitting.

There you have it- our top 7 physical health benefits of music.  Want to learn more on the topic?  Read on… Mental Health Benefits of Music…

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