Mental Health Benefits of Music

Mental Health Benefits of Music

Research shows listening to music is the key to mental wellness.

1. Reduce stress. Studies have shown that listening to music biochemical stress reducers.

2. Creates a relaxation state. Listening to slow relaxing music, can alter brainwave activity creating a meditative or event hypnotic relaxed state. Some research suggest these states have a therapeutic effect, potentially easing symptoms of migraines, PMS, and even behavior issues.

3. Elevate mood and reduce symptoms of depression.  A recent study found that music put people in an uplifted mood, even resulting in increase in arousal and mood stability.   Study participants also reported “self-awareness” as a heightened factor in their emotional well-being.

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5. Improve mental performance. One study found that playing background music while taking a test, allowed students to answer more questions in the permitted time while also answering more questions correctly.

6. Reduce anxiety.  Similar to getting a massage, music has been proven to have a positive effect on anxiety levels.

10. Reduce road rage. As it turns out, listening to your favorite tunes while driving can positively effect your mood.  The next time you find yourself feeling frustrated with rush hour traffic, put on your favorite music and you just might find yourself taking things a little bit easier.  🙂

12. Improved recovery and healing.   A Finland research study concluded that when hospital patients listened to just a few hours of music a day, their cognitive function and focus improved, and they experienced more positive emotions compared to patients who didn’t listen to music or who listened to audio books.  The result?  Faster healing and recovery, with less stress!

Whatever your music preferences may be, it’s clear that taking the time to listen even a few hours a day, can have a positive impact on your health and well being.

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