Skinny Channel began over a decade ago… an effort of love, with only a handful of naturopathic resources where I could refer my patients and readers.

Over the years, I found the majority of health concerns people were coming to me for, were easily treated, if not preventable… with the right knowledge and guidance.

I realized… it all begins in the mind.

About Me….

I am a traditional Naturopathic Doctor with a PhD in holistic health. Prior to going into Naturopathy, I was fortunate nursing gave me the opportunities to explore different fields, seeking my own “holistic” philosophies to health and wellness.

What I discovered, was a great respect for the human body; what we are capable of, particularly in healing, overcoming disease and illness. My experience and research has also left me with an understanding of the human mind, and how it might hinder, improve, or even advance our health.

Dr. Jeni

My Upcoming Courses

30 day courses to set you on the path of a focused mind, healthy body, and enlightened soul.

Psychology of Weight Loss, Feng Shui for Health, Emotional Healing, and more.