Weight Loss

Weight loss can be as simple as burning more than you’re taking in. It seems simple- you take in energy through food and expel that energy through physical activity. It’s a system of balance, but one that can be effected by a few simple habits, good or bad, with like-results.

The one approach that outweighs them all… consistency. The absolute key to successful weight loss is consistency in implementing healthy habits with your lifestyle.

Get in the habit…
Move every day. Do some form of activity and decide on an exercise regimen that you will enjoy.

Eat, drink (water), and be merry. There’s not much need to restrict calories or your bad food habits if you’re busy giving your body what it needs. For example, if your new workout requires you to take in 100 grams of protein, you may be too full & satisfied to even think about that Thursday night cheeseburger you used to enjoy!

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