The NEW Healthy Lifestyle: Healthy Lifestyle Tips from HDI Health

Gone are the days of crash diets, annual workouts and yo-yo dieting. The latest approaches to good health are lifestyle changes. These include simple changes incorporated into your everyday routine that have BIG health benefits and the long term results the health industry has never truly seen before.

How to live the NEW Healthy Lifestyle…

1. Healthy Lifestyle Tips: Thinking
A healthy mindset is important when it comes to your health. It’s no longer, “You are what you eat” but instead, it’s “You are what you think.”
Think about your own beliefs when it comes to your health. Do you feel guilty every time you eat, eat a carb, or miss a trip to the gym? The new healthy mindset says it’s ok to eat, there’s no such thing as “cheating,” and focusing on what you can give and do for your health is priority.

2. Healthy Lifestyle Tips: Feeling
An increasing amount of research now shows that our emotions are the prime influencer for our health. When we are living stress-free and happy, our health is reflected in this. When we are living stressful and unhappy…we experience ulcers, skin breakouts, or more serious health risks such as cancer. The good news is, we can learn to manage, no, live, with our emotions in a healthy way; we can learn how to feel, accept and release emotions, rather than ignore, suppress and control.
How to manage emotions for health: Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin

3. Healthy Lifestyle Tips: Eating
Start with a cleanse – Clear out those toxins and diminish those cravings. You can choose which cleanse is right for you depending on your own needs.
-Popular cleanses for light weight loss, sugar cravings and toxins: Ph Alkaline cleanse, Master Cleanse
-Cleanse for heavy weight loss: hCG Diet
-Light cleansing for everyday health; Everyday Cleanse.
-Focus on what you’re GIVING your body: Are you getting enough ______?
-Moderation: “How to” Guide for Moderation?
-Increase Your Whole Foods
-Zig and Zag: Everyday Zigging and Zagging

4. Healthy Lifestyle Tips: Drinking
We’ve all heard the standard, “drink 8 glasses of water a day.” New standard: Drink quality water steadily throughout the day. The more the better, and for those who have a hard time drinking 8 glasses, or even tracking their water, there are a many new options: Alkaline water, chia seeds, soaked almonds. Read more:
-Drink Water – How to Drink Water
-What to Drink

5. Healthy Lifestyle Tips: Moving
The new approach to living an active lifestyle: Find an activity that you enjoy. If you’re dragging yourself to the gym, or not going at all, then maybe it’s time to choose another approach. Personally, I love boxing, yoga, hot yoga, pilates, kayaking and barre.

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