How To Switch To Real hCG From Homeopathic

Switching to real hCG, drops or pellets isn’t hard. IF you have discovered your hCG is homeopathic and want to change to real pharmaceutical hCG are the quick and easy steps to take you from starvation mode and muscle loss to your body releasing fat.

So how does one switch to real pharmaceutical hCG drops or pellets?

If you have just started and discovered you are not on pharmaceutical hCG drops any days from 1-10:

1. Stop the homeopathic drops or pellets NOW. You cannot afford to lose any muscle.

2. Buy real hCG, it will arrive in a few days.

3. Increase calories to to 800 using lean meats from the hCG food list.

4. When your real hCG drops or pellets arrive, immediately take your new pharmaceutical hCG. This will be your new Day 1.

5. Day 2 you will take your pharmaceutical hCG as you normally would and continue with the increase protein. This will allow for the real hCG to get into your system without causing your hunger and allow the real hCG to start releasing fat stores.

6. Day 3 starts you back to the 500 calories along with your hCG drops or pellets.

7. Now you can finish your hCG diet Phase 2.

Past the 10th day and just realized you are not on pharmaceutical hCG?

1. Stop NOW.

2. Increase your calories and follow the hCG Diet Phase 3 food list

3. Allow 2 weeks for your body to recover from starvation mode caused by homeopathic hCG and allow your body to replenish the muscle and bone loss you may have experienced.

4. Buy pharmaceutical hCG in any of the 3 forms you like, Injections, Pellets or Drops.

5. When your real hCG arrives and you have waited for 2 weeks, start at hCG Diet Phase 1, 2 day load, and follow the diet as Dr. Simeons intended in the hCG diet guide Pounds and Inches.

When you make the switch from homeopathic to real pharmaceutical hCG, you will discover:

  • You are not hungry since your body is now releasing the fat into your system
  • Your weight loss is faster since your body isn’t in starvation mode
  • You are not tired since you have the fat being released your energy levels are up
  • You won’t stall out after a few days as your body isn’t in feast or famine mode.
  • And most importantly, your weight loss will have a visible difference! Because they are now losing real FAT!

8 Replies to “How To Switch To Real hCG From Homeopathic”

  1. Hello doc
    I my weight was 85 kg. my BMI index should be around 60 kg
    i bought hcg diet drops (might be homeopatic) and try it for 30 days. it works for 2 weeks – my weight was down for 8 kg, but after that it stop! it should be another 10 kg or more to loose. I made a mistake twice the first week, but back on track soon after that and follow the strict 500 calory.
    I wonder why the weight stop there?
    now i am near to phase 3
    im quite frustrating with this condition
    Pls give me some advice

  2. We would recommend that you test your hcg by using a pregnancy test if it does not come up positive then there is no hCG present in your drops. You may have to spend a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks improving your health before you begin again but this time with real hCG that shows positive on a pregnancy test.

  3. That is funny you should say that. When I was on the homeopathic drops for 3 weeks, I felt energetic and not hungry. I however, switched to the “real” HCG drops because of the negative feedback saying it is not real. I bought the real one but did not know to increase my caloric intake for 3 days! I was left lethargic and starving while taking the new drops for a week. I decided to stop it and start phase 3.

    Now I have ordered the injections which I want to use but how long must I wait to do so? If my calculations are correct I have only been using the real hcg drops for a week.

  4. Hmm, in Canada we cannot get the real HCG ( it is banned) so we get the HCG activator, I have a number of friends who have had great success on this one but I’m wondering if its going to work as well or should I try and find a way get it in US? I’m 6 days into the diet and have lost 8 lbs so far.

  5. Starting the HCG injections on Super bowl Sunday!!! I have done the drops in the past but took a professional approach to my weight loss. Will blog my success.

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