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Along with Doctor Oz.

It has been said by many that the real hCG diet protocol is the way to weight loss success. On February 22, Dr. Oz had a show that focused on the hCG Diet and the use of hCG drops.  What the results showed was that not only did the hCG diet work for the majority of individuals who tried it, BUT it also revealed that people were keeping the weight off using hCG drops – even after other diets and exercise programs had failed.

Dr. Oz did a decent job of presenting the pro’s and con’s of the hCG diet and using oral hCG, he even emphasized the use of REAL hCG in drops or Injections. However, where Dr. Oz failed is in not exploring the falsehoods of homeopathic hCG. Yes, he did say it contained either trace amounts or no hCG at all, but what he failed to add was the FDA came out and said “it is not recognized in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia, therefore it is NOT recognized by the FDA as a homeopathic drug, so they are unapproved.” Elizabeth Miller FDA health fraud team.

There was a homeopathic hCG seller in the audience who gave the typical propaganda say “It is made in a FDA approved lab” however, that isn’t the point or issues. Unlike real hCG, the homeopathic version contains NO hCG and would need a prescription if it did have a trace amount in there per the FDA and HPUS own guidelines.

The majority of the audience who were there that went on the hCG diet had nothing but success in losing the weight and keeping it off. The few who did not expressed it was because they had stopped by week 2 when they felt dizzy or had felt they lost energy.

On the other hand, the Doctor who prescribed the hCG diet to her patients did a fantastic job of explaining the hCG diet protocol and why it works!  She did advocate the use of real hCG drops or injections.

Although his wife did the hCG diet protocol, Doctor Oz agreed that he may not be a fan simply because more studies needed to be done. But he also recognized the true evidence is that people really are losing weight and keeping it off using real hCG with the hCG diet protocol.

People losing weight on the hCG diet and keeping it off happens to be typical results when real hCG is correctly used. That’s why we support real hCG drops for the hCG diet plan as you need between 125 iu and 200 iu to do the diet properly, prevent muscle loss, rest your metabolism and release your abnormal stored fat!

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