hCG Diet Pills or Pellets

The HCG diet pills are an alternative to shots or drops for the hCG diet. However don’t be fooled by the many cheap hCG pellets on the market, most are homeopathic and contain 0 hCG. For real hCG pellets you have to have them compounded by a pharmacy which means you need a prescription.

You can obtain your hCG pills from an online hCG doctor, that way you know you have real hCG in your pellets and are losing fat not muscle while on Phase 2 of the diet.

Taking the hCG pellets is easy and the most convenient of the 3 froms of hCG delivery. hCG pellets or pills, as they are sometimes called, are compounded by a compounding pharmacy in a gel form. You simply place a hCG pill under your tongue and it melts. The hCG is absorbed by the large vein under the tongue like the drops would be. You still eat or drink nothing 30 minutes before or after to ensure maximum absorption, but unlike the hCG drops you only take 1 pellet a day and unlike the hCG injections or hCG drops, no need for refrigeration!

No refrigeration? NOPE! Since the hCG isn’t being reconstituted or mixed with a liquid, the hCG isn’t broken down which extends the shelf life as well!

hCG pellets are affordable, highly convenient and pleasant tasting!  Just follow the hCG diet plan but instead of hCG injections or hCG drops, you will take the hCG pills.

Happy Losing!

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