hCG Diet Phase 1

What is Phase 1 of the hCG Diet?

When you read Dr. Simeons Manscript, Pounds and Inches a New Approach to Obesity, he describes phase 1 as your loading days or gorge days, where you eat to capacity. That is great but what do you gorge on for 2 days?  And why do you have 2 loading days of eating anything you want?

Dr. Simeons doesn’t really give details or go into the whys but as since has progressed we can easily understand why, the benefits and the rational behind his idea of loading with food for 2 days before beging Phase 2 of the hCG diet.

Society today is a carb heavy, processed food nation, unlike Dr. Simeons time when food was cooked vs. opened out of a box.  The benefits to loading helps your body ease from carb burning to fat burning, lessens your hCG diet headache and prepares you to eat a diet of 500 calories and limited foods as Phase 2 has is very strict on food choices.

What has been discovered is hCG dieters that choose to eat Phase 1 foods that are rich in fats and low in sugar carbs have an easier time turning on their fat burning switch and experience the least hunger during the first few days of Phase 2.

Another discovery amongst hCG dieters is choosing fatty foods lessens the hCG diet headaches. The brain and your body can run on carbs, protein or fat but because carb are a simple, quick form of energy, the preference for fuel is carbs. Fat and protein take longer to break down into a simple carb chain thus the body reacts by giving some a pounding headache. Depending on how carb heavy your diet was and if you did any hCG diet cleanses prior to the diet, the worst the hCG diet headache can be.

A few quick things you can do to help yourself while on your hCG diet loading days and after you start Phase 2.

L-Glutamine, a supplement recommend by Kevin Trudeau, can help to curb carbohydrate cravings.

If have sore muscles as the sugar leaves your system Potassium and vitamin E can help ease your muscles

Increasing water intake will help abate hunger and headaches

Asprin or your usual headache solution may work

Increasing protein for a few days during Phase 2 by 200 grams per meal will help as well

But loading with as much fat as possible as suggested in Phase 1 food list is best



9 Replies to “hCG Diet Phase 1”

  1. I am on day one of vlcd and I am so hungry. Will it stay like this. I thought I wouldn’t be hungry

  2. I lost approx 20 lbs in 3 months I want to continue but I’m reading bad things about the drops like they produce gallstones and the info. isn’t clear on why I cant use oil on my face as in makeup or lotion on legs or a massage why isn’t this information available, please enlighten me I want to continue How long do I have to wait before I continue to start again I was forced to stop because the glass bottle broke midway. I also took in more calories than 1000 per day is it dangerous to not follow it exactly the directions seem scary and even state do not attempt to do anything different than the instructions

  3. Hi Brandy, wondering if you continued with the HCG diet? I am only on day 3 and after breakfast I get a mild headache (worse with rapid movements) but within the hr it passes.
    Fortunately for me I have not been hungry at all. Good luck

  4. I’m feeling nauseous and light headed on loading day #2. Will this feeling go away? Can I take vitamins while I’m on this diet. Which food can I eat to get rid of this sick feeling?

  5. Lady B make sure you have enough water. Dehydration will make your veins and arteries shrink, and make it tough to get enough blood flow.
    This will make you light headed and nauses.


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  7. I am on day 2 of my shots and I still have hunger pains. They aren’t that bad but I hate feeling hungry. Also when I give myself my shots I still have a little solution in the needle is this normal?

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