hCG Diet – Oral drops Vs. Injectables

You’ve made the decision to follow the hCG diet and now you face your first choice – oral hCG drops vs. injectables?  With a little knowledge, you can determine which form is right for you.
The hCG diet protocol, developed by Dr. Simeons in the 1950’s has not changed since its inception, due to the amazing results achieved by those who follow it correctly. Only one thing has changed –
injectable hCG used to be the only choice.  Thanks to advanced technology and our changing timesyou now have an added choice between that or oral hCG drops. The oral drops are taken with a dropper under the tongue, no more need for needles to be injected into yourself, which alone kept many people from trying the hCG diet.

You may be confused as to if the oral drops are as effective as the injectable hCG. Many hCG centers have claimed that their clients taking the oral drops actually have even more energy and feel fuller than those taking the injectable form. The reported weight loss is just as much as those taking the injectable form.

You will need to know as much as possible before beginning the hCG diet, as following the diet protocol is essential to the program’s success. You must be truly dedicated to losing the weight, or this may not be the diet for you. If you have done the research and are prepared to follow the program, then you will soon be on your way to a healthier, slimmer body!

Pharmaceutical hCG drops can be ordered online and shipped to your home with no doctors visit required. You’ll experience the same amazing weight loss as with the injectable hCG, but at a much lower cost.  Always choose a oral drop that come with a test strip so you will always know you have real hCG in your drops!

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