hCG Diet Fiber

hCG Diet Psyllium Husk or Miracle Noodles?

Getting your daily requirement of fiber on the hCG diet can be tricky. You want to stay focused on the diet because the hCG diet food is a delicate balance, too much can slow or stall weight loss. Not to mention the variety of foods are limited.

Psyllium husk are a great way to increase your fiber and feeling of fullness without interfering with the hCG diet plan. But, psyllium husk are a tad boring and you would have to drink or ingest a lot psyllium husk to achieve that full feeling.

This is why many hCG dieters turn to the hCG diet approved food Miracle Noodles. Miracle Noodles has the same benefits of psyllium husk, water soluble fiber, no fat, no sugar or starch, no protein, no carbs no calories, Kosher and Miracle Noodles is gluten and wheat free.

And Miracle Noodles has the same health benefits of psyllium husk, but now all those benefits; lower risk of diabetes, aids in digestive health and promotes bowel regularity, are now wrapped up in a tasty and enjoyable hCG diet approved food aka, Miracle Noodles.

While on the hCG diet and you feel a little hungry or want to feel full, you can have a pack or two of Miracle Noodles and not only conquer those feelings but you won’t have the guilt of cheating or eating a food with calories.

And due to the limited foods on the hCG diet protocol, Miracle Noodles can help save you from diet boredom because they come in a variety of styles and can be used in place of rice with a meal or in soups and they are definately a replacement for pasta.

So if you would rather have pysllium husk go ahead, but you will find Miracle Noodles much more enjoyable for meals and overall more filling.

And now they come in so many varieties!  Angle Hair, Spinach Angle Hair, Garlic Herbel Fettuccini and many more!