Keeping up with the latest news on food and eating can be a challenge. While it’s true that the science of nutrition is constantly evolving, there are a number of basics that remain the same and can help you maintain a healthy diet. Eager to learn these basics? Begin familiarizing yourself with food groups, calorie types/weights and the different kinds of nutrients and how they effect your body. In the meantime, here are a few basics guidelines for food:

1. Increase whole foods, decrease processed foods. The value of whole foods: nutrient rich, lean, easily processed by the body, which means weight-friendly. Whole foods include fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, etc. Processed foods include breads, cereals and prepared foods, especially fast foods.

2. Drink plenty of water.

3. Limit refined sugars.

4. Go organic whenever possible. This limits the hormones, pesticides and other unnecessary substances in the foods you eat and increases the nutrient values in most foods.

5. Keep an eye on those food labels. Not all calories are the same, but this is still a good system for measuring the value of your food. Calories, calories from fat, the different types of fat, protein and fiber measures are ones to keep an eye on.

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