hCG Chocolate Delight Recipe (aka Cocoa Crack)

For us chocoholics one of the biggest concerns with the hCG diet can be – How will I get my chocolate fix? The answer to your chocolate dreams is hCG Chocolate Delight, commonly known as Cocoa Crack. Once you have completed Phase 2 (the 500 calorie diet) and have graduated to Phase 3 then you can start introducing fats back into your diet at which point you can begin to enjoy Chocolate Delight, also known as Cocoa Crack.

You’ll find many posts on discussion boards and blogs advising the Chocolate Delight or Cocoa Crack is approved for P2. Please note that according to Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches protocol fats must be avoided in P2 – this includes the avoidance of Chocolate Delight.

Many people suggest using Chocolate Delight as a stall breaker in P2; however, this is not recommended if you are doing your first round of hCG. Many dieters who have completed several rounds of hCG have become comfortable with the program and experiment with breaking protocol. These veteran hCG dieters have had plenty of time during previous rounds of hCG to learn which foods cause gains for them and as such are more comfortable breaking protocol and going a bit rogue on the diet. If you are in your first round of hCG be strongly advised to wait until the successful completion of P2 before rewarding yourself with a well deserved chocolate fix. Chocolate Delight is not only a delicious reward it also offers great health benefits as one of the primary ingredients is coconut oil.

hCG Chocolate Delight Recipe

Ingredients (Serves 1):

  • 2 Tbs melted coconut oil (in a liquid consistency)
  • 2 Tbs Cocoa Powder (such as Hersheys).
  • Sweetener to taste – liquid or powdered stevia. Plain stevia can be used; however certain flavors of Sweet Leaf brand liquid stevia are very popular including English Toffee, Peppermint and Vanilla Crème.

Fluff the cocoa powder with a fork to break up any clumps. Add the melted coconut oil. Stir until there is a smooth consistency. Add liquid or powdered stevia in varying amounts depending on your preference for bitter or sweet chocolate. Simply taste the mixture and decide if you would like to add more sweetener. Beware that too much stevia can cause a bitter taste.

Pour the liquid mixture into paper baking cups or a small container lined with foil. Place the container in the fridge or freezer. After 20 minutes (less in the freezer) taste your chocolate. If it needs more sweetener simply re-melt the mixture and add additional sweetener if desired.

Single Serving – If you’re worried about keeping your willpower in check, its best to make your Chocolate Delight daily. If you opt to use paper baking cups, the 2 Tbs of coconut oil + 2 Tbs of cocoa powder can be used to make 2 Reese’s Peanut Butter sized chocolate cups by using 2 full size cupcake baking cups (each filled half way). If you prefer bite size chocolate use 4 mini paper baker’s cups.

Large Batch – If you prefer to make a large batch of Chocolate Delight then use 1 cup coconut oil + 1 cup cocoa powder. The mixture can then be poured into several baking cups or into a flexible ice tray (such as a rubber ice tray). After the mixture has frozen solid the bite size chocolate bars can be popped out of the ice tray. However, the chocolate bars need to be kept in the fridge or freezer to prevent the coconut oil from melting at room temperature.

Variations / Substitutions:

Carob Powder – Cocoa powder can be replaced with carob powder, which creates a more alkaline dessert. The pH balance in the body should always be slightly alkaline (more basic, and less acidic). Healthier food choices, such as carob powder, have an alkalizing effect on the body. While less healthy food choices such as cocao powder, have an acidic effect on the body which can have harmful effects on overall health.

Chocolate Amazing Greens – The Amazing Greens brand of supplements help you to achieve your daily dose of alkalizing green vegetables such as wheatgrass.  This chocolate flavored wheatgrass blend is pre-sweetened with stevia. This delicious chocolate powder is so tasty you’d never know its actually healthy!

Chocolate Flavored Protein Powder – You can also add a protein boost to your Chocolate Delight but using your favorite protein powder. Whey protein, pea protein and hemp protein each offer their own health benefits.

Additions – You can get creative with additions to your chocolate delight. For a crunchy consistency add your favorite nuts such as almonds or macadamia nuts. For a fruit chewy consistency add dried Goji Berries, a superfood with amazing health benefits. Nuts or dried berries can be added into the mixture before freezing. You can also add toppings to the chocolate after it has solidified. For the flavor of a homemade peanut butter cup you can add just a small dollop of almond butter or cashew nut butter to the top of the chocolate cup.

Have fun experimenting with your Chocolate Delight. And as always, Happy Losing!

How To Switch To Real hCG From Homeopathic

Switching to real hCG, drops or pellets isn’t hard. IF you have discovered your hCG is homeopathic and want to change to real pharmaceutical hCG are the quick and easy steps to take you from starvation mode and muscle loss to your body releasing fat.

So how does one switch to real pharmaceutical hCG drops or pellets?

If you have just started and discovered you are not on pharmaceutical hCG drops any days from 1-10:

1. Stop the homeopathic drops or pellets NOW. You cannot afford to lose any muscle.

2. Buy real hCG, it will arrive in a few days.

3. Increase calories to to 800 using lean meats from the hCG food list.

4. When your real hCG drops or pellets arrive, immediately take your new pharmaceutical hCG. This will be your new Day 1.

5. Day 2 you will take your pharmaceutical hCG as you normally would and continue with the increase protein. This will allow for the real hCG to get into your system without causing your hunger and allow the real hCG to start releasing fat stores.

6. Day 3 starts you back to the 500 calories along with your hCG drops or pellets.

7. Now you can finish your hCG diet Phase 2.

Past the 10th day and just realized you are not on pharmaceutical hCG?

1. Stop NOW.

2. Increase your calories and follow the hCG Diet Phase 3 food list

3. Allow 2 weeks for your body to recover from starvation mode caused by homeopathic hCG and allow your body to replenish the muscle and bone loss you may have experienced.

4. Buy pharmaceutical hCG in any of the 3 forms you like, Injections, Pellets or Drops.

5. When your real hCG arrives and you have waited for 2 weeks, start at hCG Diet Phase 1, 2 day load, and follow the diet as Dr. Simeons intended in the hCG diet guide Pounds and Inches.

When you make the switch from homeopathic to real pharmaceutical hCG, you will discover:

  • You are not hungry since your body is now releasing the fat into your system
  • Your weight loss is faster since your body isn’t in starvation mode
  • You are not tired since you have the fat being released your energy levels are up
  • You won’t stall out after a few days as your body isn’t in feast or famine mode.
  • And most importantly, your weight loss will have a visible difference! Because they are now losing real FAT!

hCG Diet Pills or Pellets

The HCG diet pills are an alternative to shots or drops for the hCG diet. However don’t be fooled by the many cheap hCG pellets on the market, most are homeopathic and contain 0 hCG. For real hCG pellets you have to have them compounded by a pharmacy which means you need a prescription.

You can obtain your hCG pills from an online hCG doctor, that way you know you have real hCG in your pellets and are losing fat not muscle while on Phase 2 of the diet.

Taking the hCG pellets is easy and the most convenient of the 3 froms of hCG delivery. hCG pellets or pills, as they are sometimes called, are compounded by a compounding pharmacy in a gel form. You simply place a hCG pill under your tongue and it melts. The hCG is absorbed by the large vein under the tongue like the drops would be. You still eat or drink nothing 30 minutes before or after to ensure maximum absorption, but unlike the hCG drops you only take 1 pellet a day and unlike the hCG injections or hCG drops, no need for refrigeration!

No refrigeration? NOPE! Since the hCG isn’t being reconstituted or mixed with a liquid, the hCG isn’t broken down which extends the shelf life as well!

hCG pellets are affordable, highly convenient and pleasant tasting!  Just follow the hCG diet plan but instead of hCG injections or hCG drops, you will take the hCG pills.

Happy Losing!

hCG Diet Phase 1

What is Phase 1 of the hCG Diet?

When you read Dr. Simeons Manscript, Pounds and Inches a New Approach to Obesity, he describes phase 1 as your loading days or gorge days, where you eat to capacity. That is great but what do you gorge on for 2 days?  And why do you have 2 loading days of eating anything you want?

Dr. Simeons doesn’t really give details or go into the whys but as since has progressed we can easily understand why, the benefits and the rational behind his idea of loading with food for 2 days before beging Phase 2 of the hCG diet.

Society today is a carb heavy, processed food nation, unlike Dr. Simeons time when food was cooked vs. opened out of a box.  The benefits to loading helps your body ease from carb burning to fat burning, lessens your hCG diet headache and prepares you to eat a diet of 500 calories and limited foods as Phase 2 has is very strict on food choices.

What has been discovered is hCG dieters that choose to eat Phase 1 foods that are rich in fats and low in sugar carbs have an easier time turning on their fat burning switch and experience the least hunger during the first few days of Phase 2.

Another discovery amongst hCG dieters is choosing fatty foods lessens the hCG diet headaches. The brain and your body can run on carbs, protein or fat but because carb are a simple, quick form of energy, the preference for fuel is carbs. Fat and protein take longer to break down into a simple carb chain thus the body reacts by giving some a pounding headache. Depending on how carb heavy your diet was and if you did any hCG diet cleanses prior to the diet, the worst the hCG diet headache can be.

A few quick things you can do to help yourself while on your hCG diet loading days and after you start Phase 2.

L-Glutamine, a supplement recommend by Kevin Trudeau, can help to curb carbohydrate cravings.

If have sore muscles as the sugar leaves your system Potassium and vitamin E can help ease your muscles

Increasing water intake will help abate hunger and headaches

Asprin or your usual headache solution may work

Increasing protein for a few days during Phase 2 by 200 grams per meal will help as well

But loading with as much fat as possible as suggested in Phase 1 food list is best



hCG Diet Phase 2 Food List

This is a list of hCG Diet Foods for Phase 2. Read Dr. Simeons manuscript if you are even in doubt as to what to eat while on Phase 2.

If you ever find a food item causing you issues or not agreeing with you, then do not eat it.

There is also a suggested list of  Phase 1 Foods and Phase 3 Foods to help you with food choices and to make the hCG diet easier for you to do.


Beef 3.5 ounces/100 grams
Lean Ground Beef 97/3 = 150 calories
Cube Steak = 160 calories
Sirloin Tip Steak = 130 calories
Top Round Steak = 166 calories
Veal = 110 calories
Veal Chop = 117 calories


Chicken Breast = 87 calories


Seafood 3.5 ounces/100 grams
Cod = 83 calories
Real Crab Meat = 100 calories
Flounder = 90 calories
Haddock = 88 calories
Halibut = 110 calories
Lobster = 98 calories
Red Snapper = 110 calories
Shrimp = 110 calories
Tilapia = 94 calories
Lemon Sole =116 calories
Monk Fish = 96 calories
Whiting = 87 calories


Vegetables 3.5 ounces/100 grams
Asparagus = 3 calories
Celery = 15 calories
Cabbage = 24 calories
Cucumber = 12 calories
Lettuce all varieties = 20 calories
Red Radishes = 12 calories
Spinach raw = 20 calories
Spinach frozen = 23 calories
Tomato = 20 calories


Fruit average 76.5 calories
Apple (s) = 55 calories
Apple (m) = 72 calories
Apple (l) = 110 calories
Navel Orange = 69 calories
Florida Orange = 65 calories
Strawberries 12 (l) = 72 calories
Strawberries 20(m) = 80 calories
Pink California Grapefruit (1/2) = 46 calories
Pink Florida Grapefruit (1/2) = 37 calories


Bread 1 piece = 1 serving
1 Grissini Bread stick = 12 calories
1 Melba Toast = 12 calories


Phase 2 Food Rules

For the hCG diet 1 bread stick or Melba Toast = 1 Serving. You are only allowed 1 serving per meal

All proteins must be weighed on your scale

Imitation crab meat NOT ALLOWED very high in carbs, and is processed

How To Start The hCG Diet


Before starting the hCG diet, read Pounds and Inches the manuscript by Dr. Simeons to determine if you can do the diet. Then buy The Naked Truth About The hCG Diet, a comprehensive book that goes beyond the hCG diet with invaluable bonus tools to make the hCG diet user friendly, easier to understand, and more tips for every aspect of the hCG diet.


Once you have made the decision to do the diet the next decision is what form of hCG will you use? Pills, Shots or Drops? As real hCG contains the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, you have to obtain it from a reliable source with the assurance the hCG pills, drops or shots contain hCG.

You will want to use pharmaceutical hCG rather than homeopathic drops. Why? It is the difference between abnormal fat loss (only achieved with real hCG) vs. muscle and fat loss (homeopathic) and placing your body in starvation mode.


Once you order your hCG pills drops or injections it may take a day or two to arrive at your door step.  This is the perfect time to shop for your Phase 1 loading day foods, and your Phase 2 dieting phase foods and tools you will need while on the hCG diet.

The hCG diet tools may include, a digital food scale, hCG test strips, a body fat tool, a grill, body scale along with a good hCG diet cookbook to avoid boredom and diet failure.  Many of the Phase 2 recipes can be turned into Phase 3 foods and maintenance foods, so it won’t be a waste of time or money.

hCG Diet Phase 1

hCG Diet Phase 2

hCG Diet Phase 2 Recipes

If questions come up you can get help on the  hCG diet forums, the many articles about the hCG diet on hCG Diet Info, in Dr. Simeons manuscript and with The Naked Truth About The hCG Diet.

Remember the key to the any diet is sticking to the diet!


Depending on which protocol you decided to do, 26 or 42 day you move into Phase 3 of the hCG diet ending your pills, shots or drops but continuing your 500 calorie meals for 3 days.  You should write down your weight and body measurements for this round as that is what you want to maintain until your next round.

hCG Diet Phase 3

Do you have more weight to lose?  Are you at goal?  Either way, give yourself a huge pat on the back!  You have made it!!!  You are less then when you started!


hCG Diet Miracle Noodles

Miracle Noodles works on the hCG diet because they are made from a natural fiber called Glucomannan that provides you the benefits of eating a fiber food without adding calories to your hCG diet. As with any fiber you will have the feeling of fullness which causes you to eat less as you feel full and satisfied.

Because Miracle Noodles come in a wide variety of pasta style flavors, Angel Hair, Fettuccine, Orzo Pasta, Linguine, Mini Pearls and several other varieties, you can have a lot of fun adding them to your allowed hCG diet foods and coming up with recipes for the Miracle Noodles.

Use them in soups, replace pasta or rice dishes and many more ideas as Miracle Noodles are very flexible and will take on the flavor of the dish or recipes you come up with.

Remember Miracle Noodles are Fiber so you have the same fiber benefits

Lower Risk of Diabetes
Lower Risk of Heart Disease
Promotes Bowel Regularity
Promotes Digestive Health
Aids in Weight Loss

AND Miracle Noodles Are a Food That’s:

NO Fat
NO Sugar or Starch
NO Carbs
NO Protein
N0 Calories
Wheat and Gluten Free
and Kosher

All this from health goodness in 1 little package!


hCG Diet Phase 2

After the 2 day load you start the diet portion of the hCG diet. The foods you eat are very specific hCG diet foods per the Pounds and Inches manuscript.

You will be in Phase 2 for either 26 days or 40 days. Then the last the last 3 days, either day 23 or day 37 you will stop taking your hCG drops. injections or pills, but continue to eat 500 calories of the hCG diet foods. This allows the hCG to leave your system. Not allowing 3 days will cause you to gain weight rapidly.

As the diet has evolved and become popular, others have added other hCG Diet foods to this list or increased the caloric intake. Dr. Simeons’ hCG diet food list is very specific, very limited, and very low in calories, 500 per day. The hCG allowed food is, NO fat, VERY low carb and HIGH protein. This allows for optimal fat loss from the body in the shortest amount of time.


• 2 servings of meat a day
• Do not combine the servings.
• Each serving is 100 grams or 3.5 oz.
• Occasionally eggs
• 1 whole egg and 3 whites poached, boiled or even scrambled
• Or 100 grams of skimmed milk cottage cheese


• Do not mix or combine vegetables.
• 2 servings a day
• Dr. Simeons doesn’t give an amount of hCG approved vegetables. The popular consensus is 2 cups per meal before cooking.


• 2 servings of fruit
• Do not combine the servings.


• 2 servings of bread a day
• Either Melba Toast or Grissini breads
• Do not combine the servings.


• Water is essential, a minimum of 8 – 8oz glasses a day.
• Coffee
• hCG diet tea
• 1 TBS of milk a day only


hCG Diet Break

How do you take a break on the hCG diet? The Holidays are coming up and a cheat or breaking the hCG diet maybe on your mind. Also if you do cheat during Thanksgiving, how do you recover?

hCG Diet Break or Planned Cheat

Dr. Simeons addresses a break or interruption on the hCG diet after 20 injections, drop or pills on the hCG diet.  20 days including loading days you should follow what he states.

“If an interruption of treatment lasting more than four days is necessary, the patient must increase his diet to at least 800 calories by adding meat, eggs, cheese, and milk to his diet after that third day, as otherwise he will find himself so hungry and weak that he is unable to go about his usual occupation. If the interval lasts less than two weeks the patient can directly resume injections and the 500-caloire diet, but if the interruption lasts longer he must again eat normally until he has had his third injection.

If a patient knows beforehand that he will have to travel and be absent for more than four days, it is always better to stop injections three days before he is due to leave so that he can have the three days of strict dieting which are necessary after the last injection at home.”

If you have plans to go away, or partake in the holiday foods and you don’t want to be on the hCG diet during that time, follow what Dr. Simeons says above. Stop all forms of hCG as you would when you are at the end of the hCG Diet Phase 2. However, you should still follow the no starch or sugar rule.

hCG Diet Cheat Recovery

After your planned break or cheat, you need to recover and fast!  If you gained weight, do not dwell on it, keep it moving forward. You enjoyed the food and this is just the consequences of that.

Find out more about T-Tapp

hCG Pills Drops or Injections

Which is Best, hCG Pills, Pills or Injections?

As long as they are real hCG pills, shots or injections, you cannot go wrong.  So many people sell fake hCG or homeopathic hCG drops or fake pills that it’s hard to know whats real let alone where to go to buy any form of real hCG from.

If you start with a trusted source for your hCG supplies you cannot go wrong.  And if you know how to test your hCG with a simple pregnancy test strip you will always have peace of mind.

Starting with a reputable online hCG diet clinic where your hCG is prescribed by a licensed doctor and the hCG is dispensed by a licensed USA pharmacy will give you assurance that you will receive real hCG upon placing your order.  You should get phone consultations as well as live people to speak with as you go through the phase of the hCG diet.

Now which hCG form is best?  That depends on you, your lifestyle and what you are comfortable with.

hCG Diet Shots

With hCG injections you take them 1x a day and you are done.  Just keep them refrigerated so they wont’ go bad.  You do have to swab the site you want to injection and rotate where you inject to prevent over use of the injection site.  And you have to mix your own hCG, which is easy to do.

hCG Diet Pills

Placing a hCG pellet  or pill as they are sometimes called, under your tongue is simple.  The hCG pill simply melts in your mouth and your are done.  However no eating for about 30 min after to make sure the hCG is fully absorbed.  No hassel of fuss and they can stay on your night table, no need to refrigerate.

hCG Diet Drops

Taking hCG drops is the least convenient way to take hCG.  You take the drops 6 drops 3x a day.  Nothing to eat 30 minutes before or after the drops and you have to keep them cold during the day. Which means carrying a small insulated cup with you and keeping it cold with ice while at work and riding in the car to and from work.

When making your decision hCG diet drops, pills or injections you have to determine what is going to be the best for you, your lifestyle, your work environment and what method you think will work in all situations for you.

So which is best?  hCG drops, pills or injections?  That’s up to you!