Telomeres and Aging: The Surprising Secret that Stops Aging & Weight Gain

Telomeres and aging, the surprising secret to living Longer, feeling younger and maintaining a healthy weight? Nobel prize winning research may have unlocked the secret of stopping aging dead in its tracks….

Would you choose live longer if you could?

Most of us would say yes.

Unfortunately up to now many of us haven’t had the luxury of making that decision. Aging along with weight gain really comes down to the vitality of our cells.

The good news is… a fascinating release of Nobel Prize winning research might just have unlocked the unbelievably simply trick to fighting aging and weight gain.

The research of Advanced Stem Cell Sciences has discovered how to leverage the power of an enzyme called telomerase that has the power to stop and even reverse the painful cellular aging process.

But, In order to understand telomerase and its effect on aging, we have to understand a cellular structure called telomeres.  These telomeres are an extra portion of code at the end of DNA strands that get used up each time a cell divides.


Why Telomeres?

According to ProCellX, the leading experts in telomere anti-aging therapy, when cells divide they need to copy DNA to get instructions on how to build a new cell. These are the blueprints for your cells and they are vital to your health and longevity.

However, when your cells copy DNA they end up destroying a little bit at the end of the cell. This, scientists believe, is why we age (and die).

What’s interesting is that nature has put a bit of extra material at the end of the strand called the telomere. The telomere doesn’t transmit any information, like DNA, but it can get chopped off without any damage to the cell.

Well, after a cell has divided enough times the telomere continues to shorten and shorten.

What is Telomerase and why is it important?

Telomerase is an enzyme that actually lengthens the telomere allowing a cell to go on dividing in a healthy fashion. Telomerase are what keeps us healthy and young.

Unfortunately, as we age, our telomerase runs out taking our vitality, energy, and health with it.

If we had a way to activate telomerase, a cell could essentially go on dividing forever.

How do we get our bodies to produce telomerase and stop aging?

Recently in Brazil researcher have won a Nobel Prize for figuring out how to artificially re-Activate telomerase and increase lifespan in animals.

The substance Cycloastragenol actually flips on telomerase like a light switch and in the process extends the life and vitality of animals and humans.

This substance has been reported to increase lifespan, bone density, libido, energy, recovery, immunity…the list goes on and on.

It triggers your cells into thinking you are much younger as long as you continue taking Cycloastragenol.

This breakthrough was so significant that it recently won the Nobel Prize in science and has inspired hundreds of new studies.

To learn more about Cycloastragenol, visit ProCellx;  “Can you really reverse the effects of aging?”

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