The Art of the Smoothie – How to make perfect smoothies

Apple Smoothie recipe - herbalife protein shake mix

The perfect smoothie. It’s easy, it’s healthy and it tastes amazing!

Smoothies are an excellent way of meeting the recommended daily allowances for important nutrients like iron, calcium, amino acids and omega 3s.  Another beautiful thing about smoothies is that they are incredibly easy to make, yet have a wide range of health benefits.


Health Benefits of Smoothies


  • Natural Weight Loss: Smoothies can help with weight loss because they are cleansing, energizing, and keep your body healthy by providing everything needed to function properly.  Some smoothie ingredients can also help boost your metabolism.
  • Packed with Nutrients: Depending on how you make your smoothie, it can provide antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals like calcium and iron, and many other nutrients.  Because the fruits and veggies in the smoothie are broken down by blending, it is also easier for the body to absorb these nutrients.
  • Makes It Easy to Eat Your Greens:  If you don’t like eating vegetables, then you can add them to a smoothie.   Over a cup of greens (like spinach) can easily go into a smoothie without overpowering the taste.
  • Improved Energy: Because smoothies are so nutrient dense, they help keep your energy levels high.  Consider having a smoothie instead of your morning coffee!
  • Antioxidant Boost: Smoothies usually contain fruits which are packed with antioxidants, such as blueberries or raspberries.  Antioxidants help keep your immune system strong, fight cancer, and reduce inflammation.



How to Make the Perfect Smoothie


If you want to get health benefits from smoothies, then you need to make them with the right combination of ingredients.   This does NOT, however, mean that you must follow a prescribed recipe for a smoothie.  You simply need the simple, essential components on hand that go into a perfect smoothie, and you can customize to your taste and goals.

1. Liquid Base


For starters, you need to have a liquid base for your smoothie.  The most common choices are milks (including dairy, soy, or nut milks) or a juice.  If you use store-bought juice for your smoothie base, just make sure that it is 100% juice with no sugar added.  Along with milk and juices, you can also get creative with bases like coconut water, yogurt, or tea.


2. Thick Base Fruit


Part of what makes smoothies so good and satisfying is their creaminess.  To get that great smoothie texture, you want to use a thick, creamy fruit as part of the base.  Bananas are a common choice because they are cheap and available year round.  For more exciting smoothies, consider fruits like avocados, melons, apples, pears, or coconut meat.


3. Vegetables


Yes, adding greens to your smoothies may sound gross.  However, the other ingredients hide the bitterness of the greens so the smoothie still tastes delicious.  Spinach is particularly good in smoothies because it blends down so well.  With tougher greens like kale or beet tops, you may need to cut them up into pieces first if your blender isn’t very powerful.  Spirulina is also a good choice for green smoothies and is available in powder form.


4. Protein


Protein is not only good for your muscles and cells, but it also helps you feel full longer.  You can easily add proteins like nut butters (almond butter is great) to a smoothie.  There are also many protein powders which blend up well in smoothies.  (We recommend these Herbalife shake recipes.)


5. Frozen Fruit


The sweetness of fruit is what makes a smoothie such a tasty treat, and the fruit is also what provides a mega dose of fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C, and other nutrients.  Choose fruits that are packed with flavor, such as berries, mangos, or kiwi.  Tip:  Using frozen fruits in your smoothie makes it nice and cold without being too icy-cold.


Optional Smoothie Additions


Once you get the five core ingredients of a perfect smoothie down pat, you can start experimenting with add-ons.  Spices like cardamom and cinnamon go great in smoothies, as do ingredients like maca root and cacao powder. For a dose of Omega 3 fatty acids, add some flax seed powder or flax oil to the smoothie. Or for a little shot in the arm, adding chili powder gives your smoothie a kick and can help weight loss by boosting metabolism.

Have a favorite smoothie recipe?  Share it!



Telomeres and Aging: The Surprising Secret that Stops Aging & Weight Gain

Telomeres and aging, the surprising secret to living Longer, feeling younger and maintaining a healthy weight? Nobel prize winning research may have unlocked the secret of stopping aging dead in its tracks….

Would you choose live longer if you could?

Most of us would say yes.

Unfortunately up to now many of us haven’t had the luxury of making that decision. Aging along with weight gain really comes down to the vitality of our cells.

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The research of Advanced Stem Cell Sciences has discovered how to leverage the power of an enzyme called telomerase that has the power to stop and even reverse the painful cellular aging process.

But, In order to understand telomerase and its effect on aging, we have to understand a cellular structure called telomeres.  These telomeres are an extra portion of code at the end of DNA strands that get used up each time a cell divides.


Why Telomeres?

According to ProCellX, the leading experts in telomere anti-aging therapy, when cells divide they need to copy DNA to get instructions on how to build a new cell. These are the blueprints for your cells and they are vital to your health and longevity.

However, when your cells copy DNA they end up destroying a little bit at the end of the cell. This, scientists believe, is why we age (and die).

What’s interesting is that nature has put a bit of extra material at the end of the strand called the telomere. The telomere doesn’t transmit any information, like DNA, but it can get chopped off without any damage to the cell.

Well, after a cell has divided enough times the telomere continues to shorten and shorten.

What is Telomerase and why is it important?

Telomerase is an enzyme that actually lengthens the telomere allowing a cell to go on dividing in a healthy fashion. Telomerase are what keeps us healthy and young.

Unfortunately, as we age, our telomerase runs out taking our vitality, energy, and health with it.

If we had a way to activate telomerase, a cell could essentially go on dividing forever.

How do we get our bodies to produce telomerase and stop aging?

Recently in Brazil researcher have won a Nobel Prize for figuring out how to artificially re-Activate telomerase and increase lifespan in animals.

The substance Cycloastragenol actually flips on telomerase like a light switch and in the process extends the life and vitality of animals and humans.

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This breakthrough was so significant that it recently won the Nobel Prize in science and has inspired hundreds of new studies.

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Top 5 Benefits of The Life Plan

Are You Missing Out On The Benefits of Embracing The Life Plan Diet by Dr. Life?

Dr. Jeffry S. Life’s age management program, also popularly known as The Life Plan Diet in health circles, is nothing short of a boon for those who choose to embrace it. If you haven’t decided in favor of this plan as yet, you must certainly read through these top benefits of the life plan to find out about all that you are missing out on!

1. Metabolic Tests

If you have always wanted to know your specific metabolic rate for your body and needs, and whether it falls short of what is ideal for you, you shall be relieved from all such concerns as soon as you join the Life Plan Diet. Those who join the Life Plan Diet do get a metabolic test for the purpose of understanding your body needs.

2. Advice on Health and Nutrition

Dr. Life’s Plan also educates you on aspects of your health and nutrition. You get to enjoy detailed information that most doctors and nutritionist ignore. With the help of a power point presentations, 24 hour live helpline and other services you have access to.

3. Power of Confidence and Smartness

The Life Plan does not end at helping you stay fit and counter the ill-impacts of aging and disease alone. Dr. Life invests you with the much needed confidence through boosting your physical and mental state of being. Additionally, you will learn some tips for eating out that most diets and eating plans ignore.

4. Supplement Guide

Dr. Life’s age management program followers also get to enjoy access to the latest insider news on supplements and food labels. This enables you to make an informative move towards your goals.

5. Youthful Aging

Last but not the least, Dr. Life’s age management program enables you to age with grace and dignity without the the symptoms and shortcomings of advancing age the majority of the population accepts as common place.

The Original Limu by The Limu Company – Review – Limu Scam?

Limu is considered a breakthrough for human health. The flavorful juice includes an exclusive recipe with an all-natural blend of fruits, beginning with 83% pure reconstituted Tongan Limu, papaya, mango, pear, and apple. More than just a tasteful juice, The Limu Company has developed a proprietary chill-blending technology, guaranteeing taste and vital nutrients remain of the highest quality.


 Original Limu™: A Life-Changing Product

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Rita Elkins book “Limu Moui: Prize Sea Plant of The South Pacific” begins with a single question posed by curious observers of this small ocean paradise. They were surprised by the Tongan ancients’ “unusually low death rate and the high incidence of healthy centenarians (persons over 100 years of age),” and naturally they wondered, “Why?”

Today, over 600 medical studies point to a single nutrient found more than 3000 years ago below the crystal clear waves of the Tongan sea, in a plant known as Limu Moui.

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The Life Plan Diet For Gaining Muscle

Life Plan Diet Coach Tip for Gaining Muscle!

The Life Plan Diet tip for gaining muscle suggests that you consume adequate amounts of proteins throughout the day. Unless you are able to supplement your body with rich sources of proteins on a daily basis, you would never be able to gain rock hard muscle. No matter how busy your schedule is, if you plan carefully, you would be able to consume sufficient amounts of proteins on a regular basis. Here are a few Life Plan diet coach tips to ensure that you consume proteins regularly:

First of all, you need to get home a vacuum sealer. Thereafter, you may prepare protein snacks and seal them using a vacuum sealer. After preparing a high protein meal, you can seal them and place them inside the deep freeze. Thereafter, once you wish to consume a pack, all you do is heat it in the microwave for a period of three minutes. Ideally, a protein pack should comprise of grilled fish. While sleeping, you can have a small serving of brown rice along with Napa cabbage. You may also freeze different kinds of vegetables and have them along with your protein packs.

The Life Plan Diet tip for gaining muscle mass states that you need to consume one serving of high protein fish and a serving of low glycemic carbohydrate content. This can be yam, brown rice and even wild rice. In case you exercises, you should consume a whey protein shake half an hour post your exercise cession. The protein shake would generally yield 20 grams of whey protein. Thereafter, while sleeping, you should consume a glass of casein protein shake, which in turn is a slow releasing protein which gets absorbed slowly and helps build your muscle mass while you sleep.

If you follow these simple Life Plan diet coach tips, you would lose fat and gain muscle mass at warp speed.